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Friday, June 3, 2011

Warm Weather Pot au Feu

Because I missed the cardamom rice pilaf (and maybe another recipe that I don't even remember), this is the second post in a row where a soft-boiled or poached egg adds protein and heft to what might otherwise seem a slim offering. In fact, this pot au feu, so abundant in vegetables, made me fear that this would be a dinner Jim would eat with a long-suffering expression on his face. "Where's the meat?" his long face would clearly say. Then he'd finish dinner, and go munch down a few pitiful saltine crackers.

When he came out to the kitchen to take some photographs, all he saw was piles of vegetables. He thinks vegetables are photogenic, so he didn't mind, but I saw him glancing at the ingredients, and then at the recipe. I'm sure he grumbled, "looks like healthy gruel," under his breath, but he soldiered on, taking pictures of the basil, tarragon, and parsley coulis, but still looking for evidence of meat or carbs.

He gave up hope when I added the spinach and told him I was done, except for ladling it in bowls. But then he spied the eggs in simmering water, and asked if I was going to add soft-boiled eggs again. (Again! Twice in 44 years, and he's talking like it's an everyday occurrence).

As it turned out, he was crazy about this dish. (As was I, but that wasn't much of a surprise--I like vegetables more than he does, and don't object to meals without meat). He said he really liked too the flavors, and that all the vegetables were cooked perfectly--not soggy, but not underdone either. He especially liked the dollops of herb coulis that I added along with the egg. And he's now a big fan of eggs in unexpected places.

Speaking of unexpected, I was recently given an "Awards Galore" blogging award by Allison, from French Whisk ("Vancouver Living and Dreaming of Paris"). I love her blog--Vancouver and Paris are two of my favorite cities. Thanks, Allison.

I'll pass the award on to a couple of my favorite bloggers:

Evil Cake Lady, AKA the more mundane Jennifer, who also lives in Vancouver,
Pink Nest (whose blogging adventures I've been following for years),
My cake-baking buddy HanaĆ¢, and
Jenn, who can do anything.


  1. Oh Marie, what a funny post! I'm trying to imagine Jim with a long face :).

    We loved this dish as well, though I skipped the eggs (not sure about poached egg in soup.) But maybe next time I'll add it in.

    Thanks for the blogger award!!! And congrats on my fellow recipients :).

  2. Great post and great pictures - I am so glad that your photographer ended up liking the dish as well :) I had doubts about this one while Nana was in your boat, knowing she would like it all along. My family really enjoyed it - which is surprising to me big time- and I will be making "warm weather soup" again. Congrats on your award !

  3. Jenn,
    It was just more of a meal with an egg. Besides, I love eggs and eat them every chance I get. Jim quite often has a long face.

    Thanks! Yes, it's always a relief when the photographer likes the dish. Otherwise, there may be sabotage in the futre.

  4. I love the comment about your husband asking where the meat was. My husband always asks where the meat is when I make a vegetarian dish!

  5. I chuckled at your story. My husband occasionally takes camera duties for the blog too. I have to admit the coulis livens up this recipe big time!

  6. Congrats!
    I grilled chicken & served rice because I knew The Dude wouldn't be ok with a bowl full of veggies (even though I was pretty happy with the idea). I guess it isn't a meal without meat on the table for them?
    Glad it went over well & every one enjoyed.