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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Potato Chip Tortilla - French Fridays with Dorie

Would I make this again? If I had to make dinner, and if all I had was a bag of potato chips, some eggs, herbs and spices, I probably would. Otherwise, I'll just call this an interesting experiment, but not one I'd care to repeat.

I was game for the experiment, but I did have a few questions, like "Is this really French?" And "What's wrong with real potatoes?" Dorie says she found the recipe in a French food magazine, so I guess it is more or less French. I never found the answer to the second question.

I have to say that crunching potato chips is easier than slicing potatoes (and I guess that's the answer to the unanswered question).

Here's another question. Why are basil leaves bigger in the winter than in the summer? These were gigantic.

There were a lot of greens in with the eggs, so I did have hopes that the greasy potato chips wouldn't be overwhelming. (And, by the way, I have nothing against grease. I like a fat-dripping hamburger as much as the next person. And doughnuts. And bacon).

I had no piment d'Espelette, so I substituted the suggested cayenne pepper, as well as some smoked paprika, just because I like it. I used a light hand with the spices, but the final product wouldn't have suffered from a heavier one.

I believe this is the first time I've ever cooked potato chips. It looks odd, doesn't it? I was hoping that the potato chips would miraculously turn into potatoes. But the tortilla tasted like a potato chip omelet. Not horrible. (Probably better than a Cheetos omelet would taste). But not great. I'm curious to see how the other bloggers reacted, and if I'm the only chip naysayer. But I'm excited for the cauliflower!


  1. Looks very tasty, sorry you were not too impressed. I thought the recipe
    a little weird, but it turned out well. Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Your photos are great! I had the same reaction too, not great, but not horrible. Excited for the cauliflower also! Happy Holidays!

  3. I agree with the reaction :-) It was a like, but not necessarily a love.
    It felt a little bit like a Top Chef quickfire challenge - like the ones where they go to the convenient store & have to create a dish.

  4. I love chips and this recipe. Because of the busy days yet to come, I made the cauliflower already. It tastes great. My sister in law, who was eating with us, went for à second time (and she never does that).

  5. I liked it. Maybe I really liked how easy it was. It was a good way to use up leftover chips, which seem to gather at my house as we aren't huge chip eaters. Interesting anyway. Have a great week.